We strive to be a revolutionary leading player in the luxury industry. Our clothing range is inevitably different in both design and comfort in comparison to other apparel. Our product range and brand identity is designed for those seeking a higher level of self-progression, hence the name 1UP. All garments and accessories are worn to create self entitlement, exclusivity and rareness with our limited supply drops.

We take great pride in the quality of our brand status, ensuring satisfaction in the artistry, craftmanship and durability of our merchandise.

We as a luxury brand aim to create an intense connection with our global customers. With our positive mantra 'The Only Way Is Up’ we truly believe everyone can become 1UP through the empowerment behind our slogan and brand recognition.

At 1UP we believe that every success story starts with hard work, consistency and a plan. Empower yourself today by owning our merchandise and becoming 1UP.

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